Sky Bungee Trampoline Rental

Sky Bungee Trampoline

  The  Bounce Guy is VERY EXCITED to introduce the nearly famous SKY BUNGEE  from Action Ventures LLC! The only bungee trampoline located in Utah  County!

Action Ventures is happy to join forces with The Bounce  Guy to bring more exciting choices to local families.  Featuring the  Famous Sky Bungee Trampoline where you can “fly high” (up to 25 feet)  safely harnessed, doing flips, spins and tricks you wouldn’t try without  a harness.  Thousands of fun loving participants have entertained huge  numbers of thrilled spectators.  Kids from two years old and energetic  adults up to 200 lbs. have great fun.   We add a lot of action and excitement to many types of events,  including: corporate, schools, block parties, birthdays, reunions.  promotions etc .

 Sky Bungee $100 per hour  ​(If less than 3 hours, set up fees may apply)